The First Online GoforUAE - Israel Food Security Investment Conference

Connecting between the most innovative Israeli Food Security companies & leading Investors from the UAE.

The UAE, a desert country with an arid climate, insufficient water and arable land is determined to address the issue of food security in order to deal with the growing population and its rising consumption needs, especially now during the pandemic.

The UAE faces significant challenges to producing food domestically. Now more than ever, they recognize the importance of food security and the necessity to achieve self-sufficiency in food. Only a very small percentage of the land mass is arable, extreme heat limits the capacity to cultivate and store food, and the country hardly receives any rainfall. As a result, the UAE currently imports around 90% of its food supplies.


Cukierman & Co's mission for this event is to present emerging companies and technologies that are working on any related solutions to help the UAE overcome its food security issue in the long term.


The companies taking part in the upcoming GoforUAE – Israel Food Security Investment Conference are leading startups in the fields of Food Security & Agritech, who will present their technology and explore equity funding and/or strategic partnering opportunities. Leading investors & strategic players from the UAE are expected to participate to get an exposure to some of the most promising and advanced solutions for Food Security.

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Conference begins at 9:00 AM (IL time) 11:00 AM (UAE time)

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Monday, 18 January, 2021

event time 09:00 - 11:30

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