The city of Tel-Aviv is the center of the largest urban region in Israel. Tel-Aviv is located

in the center of the Israeli sandy beach line. It is only 35 km from the airport and 70

km from Jerusalem. Tel-Aviv is well known for its beaches, for its vibrant nightlife,

and for being the center of Israeli high-tech and entrepreneurship. Tel-Aviv is also

famous for its quaint & picturesque old quarter of Jaffa.

“Tel Aviv Nonstop City” is more than just a slogan.

With the city’s beautiful beaches, diverse cultural scene, top-notch cuisine, and vibrant nightlife,

there’s always something to see and do here.

The city serves as a meeting point between old and new, reflecting tradition and history while

embracing innovation, pluralism and diversity.

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Tel-Aviv Draws 2.3 Million annual international tourists.

Tel Aviv-Yafo has evolved into one of the world's leading hubs for technology and

innovation. Ranked by Compass 2019 Global Startup Ecosystem as the world's leading

startup ecosystem, the Nonstop City is a prime destination for entrepreneurs,

investors, international R&D facilities and innovation centers.

Home to some of the world's leading academic programs in innovation, engineering

and technology-related fields, the Startup City of the Startup Nation provides

companies, investors and global enterprises with a multitude of talent, developed

infrastructure and business opportunities.


Tel-Aviv startup city in numbers:

• 2,150 startup companies
• 4,000 startup companies in greater Tel Aviv
• One startup for every 215 residents
• The highest amount of startups per capita in the world
• More than 100 foreign R&D centers in Tel Aviv including: Google, Facebook,
Yndex, Ebay, Ford, Amazon, Barclays, Visa

 Afeka Tel-Aviv Academic College of Engineering 

The Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering is a public college

offering Bachelor and Masters of Science degrees in engineering. Afeka is

currently ranked among Israel’s outstanding academic technological

institutions and is a major source of creative new engineers in Israel,

qualifying several hundred engineers annually.

 97% of Afeka graduates have successfully integrated into the industry and

are currently contributing more than USD 1.25 billion annually to the Israeli


Afeka College combines state-of-the-art technologies, advanced facilities

and contemporary teaching methods that place an emphasis on

technological innovation and support our students in developing the

specific skills required of engineers in today’s workforce.

Afeka focuses on providing our students with first-rate mathematics and

science-based academic studies, while at the same time, providing our

students with the knowledge and know-how needed to solve new problems

and to effectively communicate with their peers. This requires skills such

as: self-learning, teamwork collaboration, critical thinking, interpersonal

and presentation skills and a working knowledge of English.

Afeka College is fully equipped to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

At Afeka is fully aware of rapid changes in education, industry and society

throughout the world. Accordingly, Afeka is continuously looking for new

ways to offer our students programs that are strongly grounded in

technology and taught using advanced pedagogical methods, in the aim of

educating engineers qualified to meet current and future industry needs.


 Conference Facilities

Venue Facilities (5-15 min. drive from the beachfront hotels):

1) The Yitzhak Rabin Center, Tel-Aviv

The Yitzhak Rabin Center is the national institute established by the Knesset

in 1997 that advances the legacy of the late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak

Rabin, a path-breaking, visionary leader whose life was cut short in a

devastating assassination. The Center presents Yitzhak Rabin’s remarkable life

and tragic death, pivotal elements of the history of Israel. Located atop a

historic mount, the Yitzhak Rabin Center commands a magnificent 180-degree

panoramic view of Hayarkon Park and Tel Aviv. We offer a variety of attractive

options for conferences, seminars and special events. .

2) Afeka Tel-Aviv College of Engineering

38 Mivtsa Kadesh Street Tel-Aviv