Immigration, Acculturation and Hypertension 2021

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Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter from Prof. Talma Rosenthal - Conference Chairperson

It is our pleasure to announce the first Israel Conference on the Effects of the Acculturation Process on Population,
hosted by the Jewish Agency and the Israeli Medical Association .
The aim of this conference to raise awareness of the growing global health crisis ,
Even before Corona Virus , resulting from massive movement of populations from small rural agricultural economies to industrialized towns and cities .
These refugees’ migrants and immigrants have been and continue to leave their home country,
In search of a safe and stable home flocking in tremendous numbers to what has become termed the “host country” .
The Israel Conference on the Effects of the Acceleration Process on Population Health aims to call attention to what has become a matter of great importance to public health worldwide.
The detection and treatment of both infectious diseases such as Hepatitis C as well as undertreated Non communicable diseases including, hypertension ,diabetes hyperlipidemia and obesity, will be discussed and as it relates to acculturation and its impact on both the migrant population and host country.

This public health issue is of vital importance to all those involved in every aspect of health care- from primary health care providers to government institutions to the companies, such as yours, working to provide pharmaceutical solutions.

Mr. Isaac Herzog, Knesset member and Chair of the Executive at the Jewish Agency responsible for bringing many new immigrants to Israel, will be giving a special opening address to the researchers and professors .

I look forward for your timely response –(
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Talma Rosenthal
Professor of Medicine

Guest of Honor

Isaac 'Bougie' Herzog

Chairman of the Executive, Jewish Agency 

Organizer Committee

Prof. Talma Rosenthal - Chairperson
Prof. Manfred Green

Prof. Ehud Grossman
Prof. Gavriel Hodik
Dr.    Anat Jaffe 

Prof. Adi Leiba
Dr.    Avshalom Leibowitz
Dr.    Yasmin Maor
Prof. Oren Shibolet
Prof. Naftali Stern
Prof. Hava Tabenkin
Prof. Talya Wolak
Prof. Reuven Zimlichman


Our Speakers

Dr. Ben-Ami Ronen
Dr. Buch Asaf
prof. Bursztyn Michael
Prof. Clarfield A. Mark
Prof. D Korczyn Amos
Dr.    Diker Dror
Prof. Empar Lurbe
Mr.    Fishman Boris
Dr.    Fraimovitch Margarita
Dr.    Gavish Dov
Prof. Giuseppe Mancia
Prof. Grossman Ehud
Prof. Hamdani Gilad
Prof. Hodik Gavriel
Dr.    Ish Shalom Maya
Prof. Ish-Shalom Sophia
Dr.    Jaffe Anat
Prof. Knobler Hilla
Prof. Lackland Daniel T.
Prof. Leiba Adi
Mr.    Leibowitz Avshalom
Mr.    Leshem Micah
Dr.    Levy Itsik
Prof. Mor Zohar
Prof. Oparil Suzanne
Prof. Talma Rosenthal 

Dr.    Sakran Nasser
Prof. Schwartz Eli
Prof. Shehadeh Naim
Prof. Shibolet Oren
Prof. Stern Naftali
Prof. Touyz Rhian
Dr.    Tripto-Shkolnik Liana
Dr.    Weil Clara
Prof. Wolak Talya
Dr.    Yakhnich Liat
Prof. Zimlichman Reuven
Prof. Zimmet Paul
Prof. Zion Hagay


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