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The Technovation high-tech conference will take place on June 6, 2017

The digital world has been controlled in the past decade by a small group of technology giants who within a short time have dismantled the old world order and created an infrastructure for new technological platforms that are bringing about economic, social and cultural changes.

The agenda will focus on the technological platforms whose infrastructure will provide the basis for the upcoming changes and opportunities. Among the subjects to be discussed: the changes in various industries as seen through the prism of the revolution of automatic cars, which is changing our familiar perceptions of time and space and will revolutionize transportation, along with new business models based on the shared economy; cloud technologies that constitute a substantial part of the business activity of all the technology companies but will also introduce new capabilities to the fields of health and insurance; IoT worlds as a platform via which all the devices in the world will communicate with one another, connect people inside their smart homes and smart cities and affect the future  of real estate; and artificial intelligence, which will penetrate every possible area of life, from the analysis of marketing data to medical innovations.


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Who will you meet at Technovation

About 1,000 entrepreneurs, startup people, heads of technology companies, investors, angels, directors of venture capital funds, along with many representatives of the local and international high-tech communities, will come to hear senior executives from high-tech industries in Israel and abroad, in the fields of real estate, transportation, insurance, education, health and more. In the context of the conference, there will be a smartphone complex in which entrepreneurs will present innovative technologies, and will meet with companies, organizations, potential investors and others attending the conference.


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             TheMarker High-Tech Conference 

8:00  Arrival and registration

9:00 Opening remarks TheMarker

         Shahar Ziv, Managing Partner, BDO Ziv Haft Israel
         Kfir Luzzatto
, Luzzatto Group President

9:30 Aharon Aharon, CEO Israel Innovation Authority


9:45 Women in the Technological Future. The world has changed and the revolution has just begun

        Louise Phelan, VP Continental Europe, Middle East and Africa, PayPal

10:00 Elihai Vidal in a one-on-one discussion with Yaniv Garty, Intel Israel General Manager

10:20 Tamar Yassur, Head of Digital Banking Division, Bank Leumi in a conversation with Tomer Guriel, CEO and Co-Founder of EZBOB

          Let's map, build and inspire a future we all want to live in

10:45 Martin Wezowski, Chief Designer at SAP

11:00 Gil Shwed, Founder and CEO) Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. in a one-on-one conversation with TheMarker editor Sami Peretz

11:20 Programmers instead of doctors and apps instead of laboratory tests

Moderator: Inbal Orpaz, TheMarker high-tech reporter


Reem Younis, Founding Partner – Alpha Omega

Ran Balicer, Director of Clalit Research Institute

Eyal Gura, Co-founder and Chairman, Zebra Medical Vision Ltd.

Elad Zarfati, SVP Marketing ORCAM

12:00 Recess

12:30 Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Amplification

         Scott Rodie, Global Head of TMT, BDO

12:45 Joey Simhon, Engineering Office Site Lead, Facebook Israel

in a conversation with Inbal Orpaz, TheMarker high-tech reporter

1:05  Prof. Yossi Matias, VP Engineering , Google and head of Google's R&D Center in Israel, in a conversation with Elihai Vidal, editor of high-tech section, TheMarker

1:25  Dr. Esther Luzzatto, Luzzatto Group Senior Partner, in a conversation with Elihai Vidal

1:35  Ulrich (Uli) Homann, Distinguished Architect, Cloud & Enterprise Engineering, Microsoft Corp.

1:50  Directors of Israel's leading companies talk about breakthroughs that changed entire industries

Interactive panel moderated by Shaul Olmert, Founder, CEO at Playbuzz


Lilach Bar-David, CEO, PEPPER

Ofer Levy, VP  Marketing and Commerce, SuperPharm

Amit Knaani, Co-Founder and CPO, Hibob

2:40 Innovation that Inspires

Adir Miller, comedian and creative artist in a conversation with Yossi Maaravi, Assistant Dean, Adelson School for Entrepreneurship, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya

3:10 Lunch


Innovation in Business track | Habima Auditorium 4

12:30 Opening remarks

Uriel Reichman, President, IDC Herzliya

12:45 Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Academe vs. Industry

Adam Friedler, Founder and CEO, Good Pharm

Roni Windman Kedem, Founder, ClinicRent

Or Ben-Oz, CEO and Founder, Rewire

Gal Aharon, Co-Founder and Marketing Manager, Engie

Aviel Siman-Tov, Co-Founder and CEO, FairFly


1:10 Session on internal innovation in organizations as a game changer

Michal Kissos Hertzog, Head of Innovation and Digital, Bank Leumi

Talya Landau,  Director of the Innovation Center of Excellence & Academic Relations, Amdocs

Avner Goren, General Manager of Devices Architecture, Intel

Maya Hoffman Levy, Site Leader Be'er Sheva, Dell EMC, Israel Center of Excellence

*Leumi innovation project in cooperation with the IDC


Entrepreneurship Track | Bimartef Auditorium

12:45 The Digital Ecosystem Surge

Belinda Thompson, Global Head of IT, BDO

12:55 The startups that are fundamentally changing industries

Moderator: Oren Majar


Ofer Sandler, SafeCue

Sagi Reuven, Optical Imaging

Gilad Israeli, Tbus

Shlomi Ashkenazi, GreenQ

Ran Poliakine, Nanox 


Astorre Modena, CEO and Founding Partner, Terra Venture Partners

Eyal Miller, CEO, Samsung Next




The topics to be discussed at Technovation:

The industries that technology has already shaken up - and those about to change

The world has changed and the revolution has just begun- A survey of the latest technological revolutions and a presentation of the forecasts for the coming years

Insurance and the connection to the world of fintech: when the robot replaces the insurance agent and the smartphone replaces the credit card

Health: Big data will save our lives and laboratory tests will be transferred to the smartphone

Transportation: Who needs a self-driving car and when will deliveries be made by drones?

Real estate and smart cities: when walls, objects and the city become smart

Agriculture and food: the food of the future

Education: when blackboard and chalk get AI.

A "side track" at the conference: The job market in 2030





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Habima Theatre


Tuesday, 06 June, 2017

event time 08:00 - 16:00

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Additional events- limited for BDO guests only

June 4, 2017: Dinner for the opening of the conference

June 5, 2017: Meetups BDO offers you many opportunities for networking, by means of one-on-one professional meetings. This is the place to meet with a variety of high-tech companies, which are interested in bringing in a variety of partners, investors, distribution channels, R&D centers and more. Please send us your requests regarding the types of companies, organizations and startups with which you are interested in meeting during your stay in Israel.

For more information and further details: HadarN@bdo.co.il

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