Dear Franchisees,

It’s our pleasure to welcome you to the International Franchise Conference 2021.

Another year, another Conference, and a very different reality.

Unfortunately, we cannot meet in person yet again, but we are all here together, optimistic and motivated to move

forward and get Back on Track!

With last years’ experience, we are now confident more than ever that our company is fully committed to provide

the highest standards of education under all conditions. 

We have managed to reach out to our students and communities and maintain continuous, quality and joyful

learning for our students. Some lessons we learnt this year can be leveraged, some experiences might have

opened our minds to new ideas and possibilities. We are here to share experiences, learn from each other creative

ways to cope with the global crisis, and get inspired and encouraged. By finding the positive aspects in the

situation, leading innovative solutions while maintaining flexibility, we overcome every obstacle and look forward to

getting Back on Track!


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