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When & Where

David InterContinental, Tel Aviv


Monday, 23 May, 2022

Invited Speaker

Katherine S. Ruth (PhD)

Dr. Katherine Ruth is a Research Fellow in the Genetics of Complex Traits Group at University of Exeter Medical School, working on the genetics of female reproductive traits since 2012. She has been a lead analyst in the international reproductive genetics consortium ReproGen, resulting in insights into the genetic basis of reproductive ageing published in Nature and Nature Genetics. Dr Ruth was awarded her PhD in January 2016 and prior to this she gained a degree in Biochemistry from Oxford University, studied statistics and worked in analysis of UK health data. She has extensive experience of population-based study data including UK Biobank and of applying methods in statistical genetics and genetic epidemiology, publishing 38 papers, including 9 as first or joint first author. Current research interests include using genetics to provide biological insights into and predict reproductive ageing, and to investigate relationships between reproductive ageing, hormones and disease.

Abstract Topics

Ovarian Development, function and oogenesis

ART (IVF, IVM, Fertility Preservation, Endometriosis)


PGD, Implantation and Early Pregnancy

Andrology and Spermatogenesis

Committee Members

Prof. Adrian Shulman
Dr. Shai Elizur

Dr. Deborah Strassburger
Dr. Oshrat Schoenberger
Dr. Galia Oron
Dr. Dganit Richter
Dr. Asaf Ben Meir

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