«Highest regards for the Israel Investment Summit you organized. I attended virtually from Boston. It was an amazing conference on many counts (…) Your July 27, 2021 - Israel Investment Summit, I would rank it in the top dozen. It is an outstanding achievement.»
Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD, RN, Director & Founder, Leaders in Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence (LPBI) Group
«Great power straightforward on vision, tenacity and execution.»
Adiv Baruch, Chairman, Israel Export Institute
«It was a pleasure; we hope to continue this winning streak in the Future. Good Luck to All & Stay Safe.»
Arabian Freight and Logistics Agency Llc
«Thanks David, thousand and thousand times. I really still live in the summit. It was great pleasure to be with you»
Jaber Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer, Ajyal Holding Group
«Thank you for organising the impressive UAE Israel Bahrain Trade Forum. I would have liked to travel to Israel, but unfortunately it was not possible because of Corona. However, I really appreciate that I could participate virtually.»
Urs Stirnimann, Swiss ILC Services DMCC
«Thank you and David Salomon. Organizing a conference these days of Corona is a bargain»
Dr. Dalia El-Ani, Crispr Stem & Therapeutics Ltd
«Thanks for organizing this investment summit. You did a fantastic job. Now the hard work is for us to translate this exposure into successful business development.»
Dr. Alfred Knoll, Dilav Ltd.
«Thank you very much for your kind help to participate first Israel investment summit and it is very educative and value added, I did follow whole from start to end and gained lot of knowledge of Israel innovation. Hope we can part of this great affords to do business with Israel partners.»
Kaup Hafeez Uddin, Managing Director, Save Technology General Trading LLC
«It has been an absolute privilege and pleasure to speak in the Israel Investment Summit about blockchain and cryptocurrency investments. (…) So for the first time in my life, there I was, on stage with no pre-determined agenda, just rolling with it, speaking about crypto and blockchain and the legal aspects involved… and it was F-U-N. We ended up speaking for 35 minutes just because no one stopped us.»
Gil Solomon, Founding Partner, Gil Solomon & Co.
«Events of this kind are those that foster solid ties between countries, creating spaces for understanding and dialogue. Bravo.»
Jorge Jiménez Galtier, Founder and Owner at Saint George Capital Group and CEO at Cromwell & Pley
«Wonderful summit!! Thank you very much David Solomon»
Dr. Avraham Amir, Gentle Fill Ltd
«Great event! Specially these days»
Roey Haran, Chief Executive Officer at Learning Disabilities Calculator (LD-CALC)
«I would like to thank you so much for inviting to attend the event. It was really amazing and I am really happy that I met zou even virtually. Congratulations Sir»
Annita Yiallouri, UAE