This is the 13th annual speech processing conference held by the Afeka Center for Language Processing (ACLP) at Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering.

The “Speech Technologies for Healthcare” conference, hosted this year by the main speech processing conference, will begin at 17:00.

After 2 years of online conferences we are thrilled to run again a conference at Afeka and physically meet the speech and healthcare communities


​Exemplifying Afeka’s core value of active dialog between academia and industry, the conference has become the main gathering of Israel’s speech processing community, providing experts with a platform for discovering trends, raising issues, and forming collaborations.

Our honorable keynote speakers this year are Prof. Dr. Reinhold Häb-Umbach, Dr. Themos Stafylakis and Prof. Jean-François Bonastre.


The Afeka Conference for Speech Technologies in Healthcare seeks to provide a discussion forum for scientists, engineers, and healthcare professionals, regarding the latest discoveries in the foundations, models and applications of speech technologies for healthcare. As in our previous conferences, we strive to bridge the gap between engineering research and clinical practice using speech-based methodologies.

Our honorable keynote speaker this year is Prof. Jiří Mekyska.


The Afeka Center for Language Processing (ACLP) is a unique Israeli center for R&D in speech and language processing. The center’s activities include joint projects with the Israeli industry and government, grant-funded research projects, and providing specialized courses for speech professionals and project opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

ACLP researchers have accumulated decades of experience in state-of-the-art speech technologies in industry and academia. The ACLP R&D embraces the most advanced signal processing and machine learning technologies, and applies them to diverse tasks as speech recognition, keyword spotting, speaker recognition, topic classification, speaker diarization, language identification, and more. These technologies are deployed in applications ranging from homeland security to healthcare.

Recently, the ACLP team was recruited to the national fight against COVID-19, and conducted a research to identify Coronavirus infections through voiceprint.

ACLP promotes professional excellence by conducting the highest level of R&D activity; educational commitment by training a new generation of speech processing engineers; and social responsibility ​by taking on projects of social impact.

ACLP: A brief history and a look forward
ACLP was founded in 2009 by Prof. Ami Moyal and Prof. Vered Aharonson. In 2014, Dr. Irit Opher took the lead, heading the center until 2018. Currently, Prof. Vered Aharonson is the head researcher of the ACLP.

As Israel’s principal center for speech processing, ACLP continues to grow in the spirit of its founding goals: industry collaboration, independent research, and the educating of a new generation of speech technology experts. Our future mission is to become one of the leading global centers for applied R&D in this field.