Lecture topics listed by scholars

Participating Scholars

Abulof, Uriel (Tel Aviv University)

Aronoff, Yael (Serling Institute for Jewish Studies and Modern Israel, James Madison College, Michigan State University)

Barzilai, Gad (University of Haifa)

Caplan, Kimmy (Bar-Ilan University)

Cohen-Almagor, Raphael (University of Hull)

Diskin, Talia (Tel Aviv University and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

Divine, Donna Robinson (Smith College)

Dowty, Alan (University of Notre Dame)

Eraqi Korman, Bat-Zion (The Open University of Israel)

Freedman, Robert (Johns Hopkins University)

Gafni, Reuven (Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee) 

Golan, Galia (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Halamish, Aviva (The Open University of Israel)

Harel-Shalev, Ayelet (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

Hermann, Tamar (The Open University of Israel)

Krupnik, Adrian (University of Potsdam)

Lustick, Ian (University of Pennsylvania)

Migdal, Joel (University of Washington)

Peleg, Ilan (Lafayette College)

Peri, Yoram (University of Maryland)

Rotman, Diego (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Rynhold, Jonathan (Bar-Ilan University)

Sagiv, Masua (Bar-Ilan University and Shalom Hartman Institute)

Saposnik, Arieh (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

Steir-Livny, Liat (Sapir College) 

Troen, Ilan (Brandeis University/Ben-Gurion University)

Willen, Sarah (University of Connecticut)

Zerubavel, Yael (Rutgers University) 

Abulof, Uriel

Tel Aviv University (website)

  • Happiness Now, Apocalypse Later? Israel and Humanity’s Midlife Crisis
  • Israel’s Politics of Fear, Freedom and Bad Faith
  • Israel/Palestine: From Existential Conflict to Coexistence?
  • Small Nations: Israeli Jews, Afrikaners and Québécois
  • To Be(lieve) or not to Be: The Roles of Judaism in Zionism

Aronoff, Yael

Serling Institute for Jewish Studies and Modern Israel James Madison College, (website)

  • The Political Psychology of Israeli Prime Ministers: When Hard-Liners Opt for Peace
  • Peering Over the Protective Edge: The Dilemmas of Israel's Asymmetric Wars
  • Pathways to Peace: The Legitimation of a Two State Solution
  • US-Israeli Relations: Influences of Leaders and Elections
  • Israeli Prime Ministers: Transforming the Victimhood Discourse
  • Challenging Netanyahu: The Zionist Center-Left Parties
  • Benjamin Netanyahu: Battling to Survive
  • Pedagogy of Teaching Israel on College Campuses
  • Continuity and Change in Israeli Political Culture
  • Predicting Peace: The Contingent Nature of Leadership and Domestic Politics in Israel

Caplan, Kimmy

Bar-Ilan University (website)

  • Religious Trends in Israeli society
  • Haredi society
  • Religious Zionism
  • Status Quo

Barzilai, Gad

      University of Haifa (website)

      • Emergencies and COVID: Socio-Legal Models, Israel and the World 
      • Judiciary under Siege: Judicial Making, Litigation and Politics in Israel and Beyond 

      Cohen-Almagor, Raphael

      University of Hull (website)

      • Peace Building, The Arab-Israeli Conflict, and/or War and Peace Between Israel and Its Neighbours.
        • The lectures:
        • The 1948 War
        • The 1967 War
        • The 1978 Camp David Peace Summit
        • The 1982 War
        • The Oslo Peace Process
        • The 2000 Camp David Peace Summit
        • Comparing the 1978 and 2000 Camp David Peace Summits
        • Possible Solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
      • The seminar will also include lectures on:
        • The 1956 War
        • The 1973 War
        • The 2006 War

      Diskin, Talia

      Tel Aviv University (website) and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

      • Challenges of Legal Socialization in Israel: Children's Weeklies as a Test Case, 1948-1958
      • Socializing Austerity: Children's Periodicals during Israel’s First Years
      • Collective Memory and Moral Issues in Children's Culture in Israel
      • Nation, Class and Gender in Texts for Israeli Children: A Legal Viewpoint
      • State and Pre-State Texts for Children in Israel: What Can They Teach Us About the Law?
      • Legal and Moral Values in Janusz Korczak's works

      Divine, Donna Robinson

        Smith College (website)

        • The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in Word and Deed
        • Zionism and The Transformation of Mandate Palestine into a Place to Call Home for Jews
        • Israel Votes: But Why So Often?
        • By the Waters of Babylon: The Middle East in Crisis or in Transition

        Dowty, Alan

        University of Notre Dame (website)

        • How It Began: Origins of the Arab-Israel Conflict
        • Israelis and Palestinians: Has the Gap Narrowed?
        • The Fourth Stage of the Arab-Israel Conflict
        • Democracy in Israel
        • Israel: A Nation Like Other Nations, or a People That Dwells Alone?

        Eraqi Korman, Bat-Zion

          The Open University of Israel (website)

          • The encounter between Mizrahi and Ashkenazi immigrants in Palestine: social and political conflicts
          • Historiography and the politics of memory: the claim of Yemeni Jews for a share in the Zionist ethos
          • Women contesting traditional patriarchal principles: the Yemeni Jewish community following Immigration to Palestine and Israel
          • The phenomenon of polygamy in Jewish Palestine
          • Maternal sacrifice and the Yemeni Jewish mother: memories and practice in Palestine and Israel
          • Secularism, tradition and (in)tolerance: Yemeni Jews' response to modernity in Israel

          Freedman, Robert

          John Hopkins University (website)

          • US Policy Toward Israel
          • Russian Policy Toward Israel and the Middle East

          Gafni, Reuven

          Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee (website)

          • Under The Dome of the Nation: The Israeli Synagogue between Religion, Nationalism and Statehood 
          • Praying for the State of Israel ? Liturgy, Politics and Ethnicity in The Israeli Siddur
          • The Lost Settlement Janres: Jews and Arabs in Peripheral Mandate Palestine 

          Golan, Galia

          The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (website)

          Darwin Professor (emerita)

          • Arab Israeli conflict-past negotiations
          • Israeli Palestinian conflict- negotiations and issues
          • History of the two state solution -emerging positions of the PLO and Israel
          • Israeli leaders (Eshkol, Meir, Begin, Olmert, Rabin, Barak, Netanyahu) and the Arab Israeli conflict since 1967

          Halamish, Aviva

          The Open University of Israel (website)

          • Not what you think: The Role of the Holocaust in the Establishment of Israel
          • "Exodus" – Sixty Years Later: The Movie, the Myth and the Real Story
          • Kibbutz and Aliyah: Symbiotic Relations
          • The Ambivalent Role of the Kibbutz in Molding the Zionist Leff
          • Kibbutz and Utopia: Social Success and Political Failure
          • Bi-Nationalism in the Ideology and Praxis of Ha-Shomer ha-Tza’ir: A Case of Optical Illusion
          • The Israeli Left and the Soviet Union: Anatomy of One-sided Love Affair
          • Hashomer Hatza'ir: The Interplay of Fundamental Zionism and Revolutionary Socialism
          • Why was the Zionist Left Excluded from Israel's First Elected Government?
          • The Triple Role of American Jews in Illegal Immigration to Palestine, 1945-1948
          • Israel's Immigration Policy 1948-1951
          • Israel as an Immigrant Society
          • Jewish Immigration from Muslim Countries to Israel: A Comparative Perspective
          • The Interplay of Demography, Geography, and Catastrophe in Shaping Zionist and Israeli Policy
          • Jerusalem in Zionist Ideology, Praxis and Policy 1897-1947
          • 1934 - Profile of a Year: Toward an Integrative History of the Yishuv
          • Biography and the Israeli Academia: Enemies, a/or Love Story
          • Who is the Zionist "New Jew"
          • Israeli Perception of Europe: The Role of Nostalgia, Negation of the Exile and Search for Identity

                    Harel-Shalev, Ayelet

                     Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (website)

                    • Women in the military in Israel
                    • Women's struggle to be included as combatants in the IDF
                    • Minority women in Israel

                    Hermann, Tamar

                    The Open University of Israel (website) and The Israel Democracy Institute (website)

                    Academic Director, Viterbi Family Center for Public Opinion and Policy Research

                    • Israel public opinion
                    • Social movements and civil society organizations
                    • Israeli politics

                    Krupnik, Adrian

                    University of Potsdam (website)

                    • Between Aliyah and Yeridah: Migration, Return Migration and Circular Migration
                    • Anti-Zionism and Latin American Societies
                    • Israel and Diaspora Jews: Together Yet Apart
                    • Jewish Identities and Domestic Politics: The Case of Argentina.
                    • The Hunt for Nazi War Criminals: The Eichmann Kidnapping and his Trial in Israel
                    • A Historical Perspective on Israeli Migration to Germany.
                    • A New State, a New Migration Policy: Israel’s Absorption Policy from Its Independence to the Yom Kippur War
                    • New Immigrants and Their Social Integration in Israel: Challenges of Housing, Labor, and Language

                    Lustick, Ian

                    University of Pennsylvania (website); www.paradigmlostbook.com

                    Bess W. Heyman Professor, Political Science Department

                    • What If a Two-State Solution is Impossible? The Idea of a One-State Reality
                    • How have Israeli Collective Memories of the Holocaust Evolved?
                    • Why Hasn’t Israel Officially Declared Sovereignty over East Jerusalem?
                    • Demography:  The Red Thread In Zionist and Israeli History

                    Migdal, Joel

                    University of Washington, (website)

                    • COVID-19:
                      • Why Israel Fared Poorly in Dealing with the Corona Crisis

                    Peleg, Ilan

                    Lafayette College (website)

                    • The Americanization of Israel Politics: Focussing on the Israeli Right
                    • Israel as Jewish & Democratic: The Evolvement of a Sacred Formula
                    • The Political Career of Benjamin Netanyahu, 1991-2021
                    • The Debate over a Possible Solution: One-State or Two-State Solution in Israel/Palesine
                    • The Israeli Political Right: Ideology, Politics & Culture

                    Peri, Yoram

                    University of Maryland (website)

                    • Israeli politics during the election
                    • The Gap between the Israeli military and the political leadership
                    • The Israeli version of populism
                    • Is Israel an illiberal democracy?

                    Rotman, Diego

                    The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (website)  

                    • Yiddish Theater in Israel
                    • Contemporary Art Scene in Jerusalem (This topic is general and can be focused: Alternative Art Scene, Site Specific Art in Jerusalem, Approaching History through Art, Art and Protest, etc.) 
                    • Art and Activism in Jerusalem: The Case of HaMesila Park
                    • Performance in Corona Times in Jerusalem

                    Rynhold, Jonathan

                    Bar-Ilan University (website

                    • The Impact of the U.S. Elections on U.S.-Israeli Relations
                    • The Future of US-Israeli relations
                    • The Democrats and Israel
                    • The partisan divide over Israel
                    • Iran and the Pro-Israel lobby
                    • The US-Israel Strategic Relationship
                    • American Jews and Pro-Israel Lobbying: Identity, Meaning and Politics

                    Sagiv, Masua

                    Bar-Ilan University and Shalom Hartman Institute (website)

                    • Strategies for Social Change in Israeli Halachic Feminism
                    • Religious Feminism in Israeli Law
                    • Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State Today
                    • “We the People”? Jewish Peoplehood in Israeli Law
                    • The Dynamics of the State Interpreting Religion: The Case of Israel


                    Saposnik, Arieh

                    Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (website)

                    • Becoming Hebrew—the Making of a Jewish National Culture
                    • Real Estate or Holy Land: Zionism’s Shaping of Place
                    • Zionism’s Redemptions: Visions of the Future and their Ambivalent Dialogues With Redemptive Traditions
                    • Expounding Exile, Narrating Redemption: Narratives of Zionist History and Visions of the Jewish Future
                    • Zionism and the Christian Holy Land
                    • Bellum Mundi in Axis Mundy: World War I, the Balfour Declaration and
                    • Zionist Visions of Redemption
                    • Israel as a Cultural Code
                    • Zionism in the Twenty-First Century
                    • Wailing Walls and Iron Walls: The Western Wall as Sacred Symbol in Zionist National Iconography
                    • Zionism, Territorialism, and Jewish Place

                    Steir-Livny, Liat

                    Sapir College (website)

                    • COVID-19, Antisemitism in the world and Holocaust Memory in Israel
                    • Holocaust Memory in Israel – An overview of 75 years
                    • Our Postmemory – Third Generation Holocaust Survivors in Israeli Documentary
                    • The Memory of Jewish Factioneers in the Holocaust in Israeli Culture

                    Troen, Ilan

                    Brandeis University (website) /Ben-Gurion University (website)

                    • “The Challenge of Theological and Secular Discourses in Validating a Jewish State”
                      • An examination of attempts to base Jewish legitimacy in secular terms that are apparently universal and objective, as distinct from the theological discourse that is inevitably welcomed only within communities of fellow believers.  Where do they intersect, complement or contradict one another.
                    • How American can Israel become?
                      • Using the Declarations of Independence of Israel and of the United States to explain what is shared and what is unique about both societies.  Given the growing critique of Israel by Americans, including Jews, there will be consideration of how much change in Israel can be reasonably expected.
                    • BDS: The view from Israel and from the United States.
                      • I am active on both fronts and would compare and comment on the similarities and differences in approaches to the same troubling issue that confronts Jews in both countries.
                    • Imagining Zion: Challenges and Dilemmas in Settling Eretz Israel
                      • In this remarkable and ongoing story in which the country grew nearly twenty-fold over the last century emphasis will be on how preconceptions have had to adjust to realities.  

                    Willen, Sarah S.

                    University of Connecticut (website)

                    • “Citizens, ‘Real’ Others, and ‘Other’ Others: Global Migrants and the Dynamics of Inclusion and Otherness in Israel”
                    •  “Fighting for Dignity: Migrants’ Lives at Israel’s Margins”

                    Zerubavel, Yael

                    Rutgers University (website)

                    • Desert in the Promised Land: The Politics of Memory and Space in Israeli Culture
                    • Numerical Commemoration of the Fallen: Place Names, Monuments, and the Politics of Remembrance in Israeli Culture
                    • Masada and the Holocaust: Changing Remembrances and the Use of Historical Analogies
                    • Tel Hai, 1920-2020: National Myth and Subversive Narratives
                    • The Shepherd and the Well: Reimagining Antiquity in Israeli Culture
                    • The Image of the War Widow in Israeli Literature and Film
                    • Between Jew and Palestinian: Passing and Identity Exchanges in Israeli Films
                    Annual Meeting